Performance Center

Performance Center

Here’s where you can discover all Harley-Davidson of Nassau County has to offer every Performance Enthusiast, whether it be Bigger Horse Power, Better Handling, Increased Night Vision or a Superb Listening Experience with a BOOM! Audio Upgrade. Or maybe you want to up your ride’s Visual Performance with a set of Chrome Wheels, a Chrome Front End, or a nice new set of Ape Hangers. 

Harley-Davidson of Nassau County has just what you need and the experienced, factory-trained technicians to get it done.

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Engine Performance

All Performance Kits begin with a STAGE I Kit. 

STAGE I Kit example for Milwaukee Eight/Touring:

Slip On Mufflers: Touring Street Cannon: 64900552A Chrome/64900553A Satin Black
Street Cannon End Cap:  65100078 Chrome/65100076 Satin Black
SE Full High Flow Exhaust  System: 64800059 Chrome/ 64800062 Satin Black
SE Wedge High-Flow Air Cleaner: 29400246A Chrome/29400245A Black
SE  Pro Street Tuner: 41000008C

Milwaukee Eight Stage Kits: 

(Requires STAGE I Kit)
STAGE II Torque Cam: 92500047
STAGE II Power Kit: 92500058
STAGE III Kit 107-114: Black Highlighted: 92500056
STAGE III Kit 114-117: Black Highlighted: 92500072
STAGE III Kit 114-117/117-117: Black Granite: 92500057
STAGE IV Kit 107-114-Air/Oil Cooled: Black Highlighted: 92500062
STAGE IV Kit 114-117-Air/Oil Cooled: Black Highlighted: 92500073
STAGE IV Kit 117-117-Air/Oil Cooled: Black Granite: 92500076
STAGE IV Kit 107-114-Twin Cooled: Black Highlighted: 92500060
STAGE IV Kit 114-117-Twin Cooled: Black Granite:  92500064

Twin Cam Stage Kits:

(Requires STAGE I Kit)
STAGE III Kit 103-110: Black Highlighted: 92500035
STAGE IV Kit 103-110: Black Highlighted: 92500031
STAGE IV Kit 103-110-Water Cooled: Black Highlighted: 92500032
STAGE IV Tire Shredder Kit: 103-110: 92500038
STAGE IV Kit 110-117: Black Finish: 2500055

XL Sportster Stage Kits:

(Requires STAGE I Kit)
STAGE II Performance SE-585 Cam Kit: 25400125
STAGE IV Kit 883-1200: 29836-10A
STAGE IV Kit 883-1200: 29784-07
STAGE IV Kit 883-1200: 92500041

Performance Suspensions 


Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit: Standard Height: 45500158/Low Profile: 45500157
Premium Ride Double Cartridge Fork Kit: Standard Height: 45500106
Profile Low Touring Front Lowering Kit: 54564-09


Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks: Standard Height 54000008/Low Profile: 54000091
Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Touring Shocks-Low: 54000159
Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Shocks-Trike Models: 54000165

Fork Slider Kits 


Lower Fork Sliders: Chrome/45500171
Lower Fork Sliders: Black/45500172B

Performance Wheels

21 Inch Wheel Kit for 2017 and Later FLTRXS

Knock Out Custom Wheel Kit: 43300494 Contrast Chrome/43300496 Gloss Black /Anodized Black
Note: Must Order Color Matched 21 Inch Fender